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2 Channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

2 Channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR)


This is a product we have been working on for some time, and is quite unique! It is a GREAT addition to our replacement units (exc. our basic model).


* Dual channel (front and rear) recording cameras.
* Automatic start and stop recording when you start your car.
* Loop recording (automatically copies over the oldest footage).
* Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) with functions that include lane departure warning and forward collision warning (these can be adjusted or turned off if not required).
* Live vehicle GPS speed and precise location coordinates can be displayed on the videos that are recorded.
* Video files are stored on the cameras micro SD card, but can be viewed and played back on the stereo system. 
* Rear facing camera - what makes our product unique is the ability to connect this camera to the replacement units reverse camera input - no need to purchase a dedicated reverse camera separately!
* Only a USB input from the replacement unit is required for power - no need to connect external power or modify any of your vehicle's wiring.


* Full HD (1080p) 30fps front facing camera 
* Full HD (1080p) 30fps rear facing camera 
* Sony sensor for clear recording in low light conditions 
* 64GB micro SD card included (this stores around 2 hours of front and rear footage in 1080p), up to 128GB micro SD cards are compatible
* 3.0m USB cable for front camera and 6.0m cable for rear camera with RCA connection for reverse camera usage. 

* Only compatible with our "standard", "upgraded HD QLED" and 12.1” / 16” Tesla style replacement units, NOT compatible with our "basic" units or our G3V3 interface kits.
* ADAS functionality may vary depending on road and weather conditions, these functions should not be relied upon - always pay attention to your surroundings when driving.
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