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Bluetooth OBDII Adapter

Bluetooth OBDII Adapter

Bluetooth OBDII adapter - a great addition to our products! This adapter plugs into your car's OBDII port (usually located underneath the steering column) to enable you to use apps like Torque Pro or Dash Command (both apps are preinstalled on our products). These apps (along with this adapter) allow you to view real time information about your cars engine, transmission, cooling system etc. You can also read and clear any trouble codes your car's system may have logged.


* Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable, fast connection.

* Works for Android devices only (phones, tablets, android based car stereos)

* Unique handle on the adapter allows easy installation and removal.



- Your vehicle MUST be OBDII equipped for this adapter to work (generally models 1996 and newer)

- Information that is able to be displayed will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

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