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Toyota Prado 2018-2020 Dual Camera Kit

Toyota Prado 2018-2020 Dual Camera Kit

Wanting to add a second camera to your Prado? We have the solution! 
Get rid of those obtrusive screens from your windscreen / dash and connect your caravan camera to your Toyota screen! 


* Fully PLUG AND PLAY installation - no splicing or cutting of wires! 

* 2 x OEM-size switch options (please see below). Switches will illuminate with the headlights and also illuminate when on. 

* Aux camera can be viewed at anytime whilst driving or reversing, audio will continue to play. Simply press the supplied switch! 

* Aux camera connection via a standard female RCA and DC power plug - suitable for almost any camera! Adapters may be required for caravan type connectors (contact the camera manufacturer for this adapter). 

* Full installation instructions are provided.

* This kit is designed and manufactured in Australia. 

* 12 months warranty on all parts provided our installation instructions are followed. 

Switch Types:

22mm x 22mm “camera view” switch - suits the switches in the lower centre console area and when pressed, will activate the aux camera at anytime. 

32.5mm x 22mm “dual position reverse / aux camera” switch - suits the switches in the lower dash area on either side of the steering column. Press the reverse camera switch to activate the reverse camera at anytime. Press the aux camera switch to activate the aux camera at anytime. Switch illuminates blue when headlights turned on, then switches to green when the respective switch has been pressed. 

Kit Contents:

* Dual camera module with aux camera connections (see above) 

* 2 x plug and play harnesses 

* Factory style switch with harness 

* Installation instructions 


NOTE: Aux camera needs to be NTSC video format, to match the factory screen. Contact your camera manufacturer before ordering! If your camera is PAL, we have a PAL to NTSC adapter available as an option extra.

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