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Dual USB 3.0 Adapter - Universal

Dual USB 3.0 Adapter - Universal

This is a great option for customers upgrading their factory stereo system with one of our replacement units and either don’t have a spare switch panel or would like to have the USB inputs accessible from another location.

* Dual USB 3.0 for ultra fast connection and data transfer. Fully compatible with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

* 2 x 1m cables 

* Marked “PHONE” and “USB” to easily identify the correct USB input. 

* Dust cover included 


These come with a variety of mounting options, including panel mount and surface mount.

Sone great examples of mounting locations:

* Replace your existing cigarette lighter socket / power socket. 
* Mount in the centre console for a much tidier solution to phone cables etc. 

* Mount under the dash or in the glovebox etc. 

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