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High Quality Japanese Car Microphone

High Quality Japanese Car Microphone

All our replacement units come with a standard external microphone, and these are acceptable for most people who make (or take) the occasional call when driving.

If you spend a lot of time on calls when driving, or are just wanting the best possible microphone, then this product is recommended.

High quality Japanese made car microphone has the following features:


* 3.5mm jack- compatible with over 95% of aftermarket models (excluding pioneer as they use a 2.5mm jack). 
* Active noise canceling function - filters out background noise so your voice can be heard clearer.
* Mildly directional - higher sensitivity directly in front of the microphone, this means the microphone needs to be facing directly at the drivers face and within 40-50cm to work the best.
* Echo cancellation - the noise canceling and directional functions combine to drastically reduce any echoing the caller hears.

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