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Toyota Land Cruiser 70 / 76 / 78 / 79 Series 2020 - 8/2023 Reverse Camera Kit

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 / 76 / 78 / 79 Series 2020 - 8/2023 Reverse Camera Kit


Reverse camera kit for 2020-2023 models that have the stereo shown in the photo below:
FACELIFT 9/2023 onwards kit is different and is available HERE
This is a very easy, DIY install kit that is "plug and play"!! 
Don't be fooled by the “cheaper” kits that are out there - you still need to solder wires / conduit the cable etc etc. This is the only kit we know of that doesn't require soldering!  It also includes the highest resolution camera possible, with a full METAL housing (not cheap plastic!)
The majority of these kits are being sold directly to Toyota dealerships around Australia. We have been told by several dealerships they prefer our kit over genuine! 


* Ready to go kit, conduit applied to the camera harness, heatshrink over the connections. No cutting or soldering required!
* Excellent camera image, higher resolution than factory cameras. Great low light image quality. 
* Wide viewing angle (140 degrees), much wider than factory cameras. 
 2 camera types are available:
1. Standard square “butterfly“ mount with 140 degree viewing angle and grid line option. IP67 rated.

2. Heavy Duty type with 140 degree viewing angle and grid lines. IP67 rated.

Also available with a camera override switch option (also called a “check trailer switch”) - this is also a plug and play kit, comes with a Toyota style switch (with reverse camera logo). It enables you to view the reverse camera at anytime whilst driving, great for checking on a trailer or when off-roading etc. Available in 3 switch types:
1. Large rectangular style with vertical reverse camera logo and green backlighting. Fits in any vertical blank switch panel. 
2. Large rectangular style with horizontal reverse camera logo and green backlighting. Fits in the horizontal switch blanks just below the AC controls. 
3. Smaller “squarer” style with vertical reverse camera logo and blue backlighting. Fits in the switch blanks on the drivers side of the steering column.


* Reversing Camera with mounting hardware
* 6m harness with corrugated conduit applied (glue lined heatshrink applied over the ends)
* Toyota-specific harness that connects directly to the stereo
* Cable ties to secure the harness 
* Full printed instructions (with photos) are supplied with the kit
* Cable length from stereo to rear is over 6m! Plenty long enough for dual cab utes and wagons / troop carriers! 

Tools Required

* Plastic non marking panel removal tool (available as an optional extra below)
* 10mm socket / ratchet + 4-6” extension (to remove factory unit)
* Wire cutters (to cut cable ties)
* Drill with suitable drill bit and Philips head bit / screwdriver (to mount camera).
12 months warranty on the camera and harness. Free lifetime tech support 24x7.
This camera kit can also be used if you decide to replace the factory stereo at anytime - a 24 pin camera adapter harness is required to do this, which is available below:
Camera Type
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